Intensive Remedial Programme

Intensive Remedial Programme

Center based intensive remedial program- the program is divided in to morning and evening program

  1. Morning Program – this program runs for 4.5 hours per day. Under this program the students who are having academic gaps of more than two years are enrolled. Each child’s unique learning abilities are identified and specific interventions provided to help built the skills needed to succeed in the academics. The program comprises of academic intervention along with activities like theatre, music, art and play. These activities help in developing language and interpersonal skills, resulting in raising the self-esteem as well as academic success to the child.

The center is providing support for our students to get ready for various boards.

  1. Evening Program- this program runs for 2.5 hours per day. Under this program children having mild learning gaps, provided academic support along with activities to develop skills needed to succeed in the classroom.

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